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The Peterson Group Holds Seminar on Proper Usage of Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

The Peterson Group (TPG), one of the most active non-profit organizations campaigning against drug counterfeiting just held an awareness seminar on the proper usage of anti-counterfeiting technologies to dozens of pharmacists and local authorities in West Jakarta in Indonesia last October 15, 2015. The seminar aims to inform and educate the attendees on the importance of anti-counterfeiting technologies in obliterating reports of fraudulence related to illegal drug manufacture and distribution.


TPG first targeted Indonesia because of the country’s delicate archipelagic state which continuously attracts illegal shipment and smuggling of large quantities of counterfeit medicines with understandable discretion and ease. The lack of total awareness and proper dissemination of information have also led to a higher mortality rate and further complications among its citizens. Admittedly, Indonesian local pharmacists have stated that despite the warnings of capital punishment to those who